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In most buildings nowadays, window isolation is maximized to its highest levels. This leads to low fresh-air circulation, which pollutes the in-house environment.

Consequences are headaches, diseases caused by lack of fresh air, bad smells, humidity , especially causing fungus on the interior walls.

SINAX VENTILATION SYSTEMS are user friendly enable a healthy and comfortable ambiance together with minimized energy consumption.

SINAX VENTILATION SYSTEMS both ventilate indoor and solves the problems arising from a low air quality, corrosion on windows due to moisture, bad smells.

The advantages of SINAX VENTILATION SYSTEMS are,
+Enable fresh air to get in.
+Supply air charge up to 30 m3/h Prevents sudden changes in temperature and humidity preventing fungus & corrosion Solve lack of air problem for indoor environment.
+Stabilize clean air circulation problem. Comply with energy saving requirements.
+Do not need electricity
+Easy to install and compatibale with
+almost all windows
+Aesthetic, fit to size

Installation of SINAX VENTILATION SYSTEMS is easy to apply and train. Most of the systems are installed by making holes on windows frames/sashes. There is no need to dismount window and user only needs to fix on windows.